is officially launched

Hi everyone,

This is the accountability journal for my blog Khojy I had set the deadline of 10 posts to launch it. The day is today. 🙂

First of all. A big thanks to everyone. I am really feeling grateful.

What does this website stand for?

This website is only meant for people who are serious about growing themselves to their fullest potential and contributing their greatest to the world. In the process such a person wants to become successful and achieve glory.

Check out the full version here.

Who am I?

I am Santu Mahapatra. I am a member of the Homo Sapiens species on earth and genuinely believe in helping fellow Homo Sapiens. In the process I question my existence and grow myself.

To know me better, check out this page.

This is the accountability journal for

Here I will document my progress of my blog.

For this month, October 2011, it is meditation for 2 hours daily and writing 1000 words daily. If I get a good blog post from those 1000 words, I will post it on

Why meditation?

Well, I feel more happy and peaceful. After meditation, I am in a better frame of mind to help others. First I help myself. 🙂

Accountability matters a lot in keeping commitments. Thanks to all awesome people out there, great to have all of you. 🙂